Self-management and Autonomy: New Meanings of Ownership, Property, and Citizenship © 2021
Doctoral Candidate, Faculty of Humanities | Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) & Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences | Sociology and Anthropology. University of Amsterdam

A Perfect World: Designing a City for All © 2014
Publication coop. Hans Ligteringen, Architectuurcentrum Makeblijde | aMb & coop. landscape architecture students Academy of Architecture Amsterdam

WaterBergen: Aquapuncture © 2013
Design by Research coop. Dingeman Deijs and Jeroen Atteveld, Unsolicited Architecture, NaI, Mondriaan Fund and Ministry of Infrastructure and Economy, NL

Working with Architectonic DNA © 2010
Publication Podium for Architecture, Haarlemmermeer coop. JapSam Books, Heijningen

Artworks for Public Space © 2009
Publication Podium for Architecture, Haarlemmermeer

Der wollene Zugedeckte und der Schauer: Bemerkungen und Ausführungen zur Schnittstelle Fenster © 2002
Publication Triton Publisher, Vienna (Architecural Thesis)

Chaise de fenetre © 2000
Foldable balcony, 1st prize Josef Frank Stipendium 1998, Concept & design. Exhibition K/Haus Wien